Experience EventCamp 2018: the only conference of its kind that focuses in on today's strategies and technology for Event Sales Managers in restaurants, hotels and unique venues.


EventCamp 2017 Sessions

If you missed out on EventCamp 2017, you won't want the FOMO of not having your camping pass for 2018 - the room was packed last year with over 100 planners, events managers, GMs, chefs, venue owners, and events industry tech representatives from around the country. Check out the sessions:

vimeo thumbnail Session 8: Cocktails and Events Are a Good Mix
vimeo thumbnail Session 7: How to Implement Social Media Campaigns to Promote Events in 2017
vimeo thumbnail Session 6: Increase Sales Productivity and Performance with Modern Tools
vimeo thumbnail Session 5: Secrets to Building a Successful Event Sales Program
vimeo thumbnail Session 4: What Does the Future Look Like for the Event Business?
vimeo thumbnail Session 3: Onboard + Ramp Up New Event Sales Managers Quickly
vimeo thumbnail Session 2: Working With Your Competition and Creating a Network
vimeo thumbnail Session 1: What Planners are Really Looking for in a Venue